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Private Equity

Private market alternative investments

You always hear you have to diversify your investment portfolio to mitigate risk. At RSA Financial we also believe in diversification, just not all in the public markets. In a broad market downturn It really does not matter whether you are invested in the financial, commodity, resource, technology, or health care sectors to name a few. Every sector will most certainly experience negative returns because of the strong increasing positive correlation between equities(stocks) and bonds(these are traditional asset classes that you usually see in mutual funds and most other managed portfolios). Private Alternative investments on the other hand invest directly into many different categories that do not trade and may in certain cases have low correlation to public stock markets. As a Registered Exempt Market Dealing Representative, RSA Financial works in unison with Private Alternative Issuers through our Exempt Market Dealer, Accilent Capital Management Inc. who is licensed in most provinces throughout Canada to offer these private opportunities as part of our investment diversification strategy.

Provider Profile

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RSA Financial profiles Mark Taucar, Portfolio Manager at Accilent Capital Management. With over 20 years experience in the industry Mark outlines how Accilent's investment philosophy and strategies can benefit RSA Financial clients.

Private Equity Partners

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RSA Financial profiles Greg Romundt, Founder and CEO of Centurion Asset Management. With 2 billion in assets under management and without a single losing year in it's 15 year history, it's not hard to see why RSA Financial chooses to work closely with this Real Estate Investment powerhouse.

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Mortgage Investment Corporations

Through our Dealing Representative registration with Accilent Capital Management Inc. a Exempt Market Dealer in Canada, RSA Financial is able to offer Alternative Investment opportunities known as Mortgage Investment Corporations (MIC) to our clients. A MIC is an investment and lending company designed specifically for mortgage lending in Canada. Owning shares or units in a Mortgage Investment Corp. enables you to invest in a company which manages a diversified and secured pool of mortgages. If you are looking for steady income as well as possible growth, MIC’s may be appropriate for achieving these investment objectives.

Insured Investments

Segregated Funds

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Segregated funds offer the growth potential of mutual funds, but they provide distinct protective features such as:

  1. Death benefit and Maturity guarantees, which can help protect your principal investment and help preserve generational family wealth.
  2. A guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit, that can offer predictable, sustainable, and potentially increasing retirement income for life.
  3. The ability to bypass probate and estate fees, saving your beneficiaries valuable time and money.
  4. Potential creditor protection to help protect your personal assets from professional liability.
  5. The ability to switch between funds and fund managers within each segregated fund family free of charge multiple times a year.
  6. In a non-registered environment segregated funds are taxed annually thus they report taxable gains and losses yearly thereby buffering tax consequences over time.
  7. Because the funds go directly to your named beneficiary they are not open to public record like a Will is, which can keep these funds from being contested.

In the right circumstances Segregated funds can be a play a very important part in long term investment and family or business succession planning.


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When it comes to retirement planning, annuities should warrant consideration as a viable alternative to Registered Retirement Income Funds(RRIF’s).

Let’s examine some reasons why!

  1. Insured guaranteed income for life, you’ll never outlive your retirement assets.
  2. A potentially higher rate of return versus a conservative RRIF.
  3. Payments are locked in once you buy your annuity, you don’t have to worry about market conditions or interest rates.
  4. Annuities do not have to actively manage funds or withdrawals as you would with a RRIF.
  5. You don’t have to withdraw a minimum amount every year like a RRIF.
  6. In a Non-registered environment annuity payments may be considered return of principle thereby being very tax efficient.

At RSA Financial tax efficiency is a core concept, remembering that it is not just what you make, but also what you keep. Also when you think about it, you insure your house, car, boat, business etc.

Doesn’t it make sense to insure a portion of your retirement?

Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIA)

Guaranteed Interest Accounts guard against market volatility by providing security of principal with a guaranteed rate of return. GIAs are an ideal account for creating an emergency fund, saving for a special purchase, or as a way of diversifying your portfolio to include guaranteed holdings. There are also investment options available to you such as: Daily Interest Accounts (DIA), Guaranteed Deposit Accounts (GDA), and Term Deposit Accounts (TDA). Benefits of GIAs are also better then GICs, namely:

  1. Flexible – access to your investments anytime *
  2. No policy fees
  3. Estate planning – at death, the proceeds from your GIA may be passed directly to a named beneficiary and may avoid probate, legal and executor fees.
  4. Highly competitive interest rates
  5. Potential creditor protection
  6. Rate guarantees
  7. Protection with Assuris which administers the protection plan that provides protection for policyholders.

Contact us at RSA Financial to see how a GIA can be incorporated into your financial plan.

* Withdrawals made prior to maturity date will be subject to a market value adjustment.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management

At RSA Financial we have secured referral partnership agreements with three independent Wealth Management companies. These partnerships allow us to offer discretionary investment management to our clients. This form of management is usually tailored for institutional business, pension funds, and high-net worth individuals who have at least $1 million dollars of investable assets. The major aim of these managers is to outperform benchmarks listed in the mandate, this is called alpha. These managers also have a continuing responsibility to ensure that an investment portfolio is suitable for the client’s attitude to risk and investment objectives. Through our referral relationships, RSA Financial clients are able to experience this form of investment management with a minimum of $1 hundred thousand of investable assets and enter the world of high-net-worth investing.

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Registered Investments

There are many different types of registered investment plans, and for the average Canadian investor it can be very hard to differentiate between them all. In short they are pre-approved by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) based on submissions by investment professionals. The question most people ask is do I need one and what’s the best registered plan for my personal or business situation. At RSA Financial we have the answers to these questions and work to optimize these registered plans to their fullest based on our clients individual needs.

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